The International Şile Cloth Culture and Art Festival is one of the most ancient festivals in Istanbul, in addition to its cultural value.


Bizi Takip Edin

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Şile, the paradise right next to Istanbul with its natural beauties, its cultural background and its historical texture, will host the 33rd Şile Cloth Culture and Art Festival between 1 and7 August.

Different panels, interviews, concerts and events will be held for 7 days at the International Şile Cloth Culture and Art Festival, which takes its name from the weaving product Şile Cloth, which has been woven and processed for 150 years, providing the economy of the region, and the most important culture of the local people.

Organized with the mission of preserving the value and culture of “Şile Cloth”, the festival, which aims to promote and protect handicraft values to different countries and cultures, is getting ready to host famous artists as every year. Mazhar Alanson, Bora Duran, Uğur Arslan, Haluk Levent, Simge and Cengiz Kurtoğlu & Taksim Trio will take the stage during the festival, where many panels, talks, workshops and performances will take place.


There will be a Mazhar Alanson concert on Monday, August 1, where the Festival Cortege and opening ceremony will take place. On Tuesday, August 2, Şile Cloth Workshop with Rituals, ŞİLE CLOTH Vision Projects Launch will take place, and on Wednesday, August 3, there will be Bora Duran Concert. Uğur Arslan concert will take place on Thursday, August 4, where Şile Cloth Respect to the Masters Awards will find their owners. On Friday, August 5th, Haluk Levent, one of the strongest performers of Turkish Pop Music, will take the stage. On Saturday, August 6th, Pop Artist Simge, who won great acclaim with her strong voice, will put her signature on an unforgettable performance. On Sunday, August 7, the last day of the festival, Cengiz Kurtoğlu & Trio will put their signature on an unforgettable performance in Şile with their extraordinary style.


Şile Mayor İlhan Ocaklı stated that they are very happy to organize the International Şile Cloth Culture and Art Festival this year, which could not be held in the last two years due to the pandemic. “With our festival program, which we have given as a gift and which we will organize for the 33rd time this year with great enthusiasm, it will offer the opportunity to rediscover our Şile Cloth, of which we are proud of its geographical indication, and the cultural and natural beauties of Şile. During our festival, we will experience the happiness of hosting Turkey’s leading artists in our district. In addition to its cultural value, the International Şile Cloth Festival has a special importance as one of the oldest festivals in Istanbul. Şile is the apple of the eye of Istanbul with its settled village life, commitment to its culture and traditions, historical texture and natural beauties. As Şile Municipality, we have always aimed to protect our historical and cultural values and to carry the cultural heritage of our district to the level it deserves. We are doing our best to introduce Şile Cloth, one of our most original and deep-rooted legacies that will carry us to this goal, which is the most important symbol of our Şile, and our district’s gateway to the world.”.

İlhan Ocaklı, who is the mayor, added that they expect not only the people of Şile, but also all the people of Istanbul to the festival to be held between 1-7 August.