The International Şile Cloth Culture and Art Festival is one of the most ancient festivals in Istanbul, in addition to its cultural value.


Bizi Takip Edin

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What Is Şile Cloth?


Şile Cloth is a rare textile product that has been woven and processed for more than 150 years and is still used from home textiles to clothing. While the Şile cloth preserves its history, it also has modern features.

Şile Cloth is a type of crepe weaving woven with the plain weaving technique. The crepe weaving has a unique natural pattern on its surface, such as folds and fine paths. Due to the wrinkled structure of the weaving, which gains size and narrows in width according to the twist rate of the yarns, air remains between the weaving and the body; Since the fabric does not stick to the body, thermal insulation is provided. Production starts with the boiling of first class, 100% raw cotton threads in a wood fire, copper cauldron. Thousands of wire threads are woven with the labor of Şile people in the stages such as preparing the weaving warp of Şile cloth and weaving the cloth.

Şile Cloths, which are woven with traditional methods with their true edges, are washed in the less salty waters of the Black Sea and dried by laying on the sands of Şile beaches. For this reason, Şile cloth is produced with the labor of Şile people and attains its local identity with Şile’s sea and sand. The women of Şile, on the other hand, embroider their sadness, happiness and, in short, their lives on the cloth with embroideries and lacework.