The International Şile Cloth Culture and Art Festival is one of the most ancient festivals in Istanbul, in addition to its cultural value.


Bizi Takip Edin

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Competition Application

Competition Application

Dear Participants,

First of all, we thank you all for your attention and participation. We have had to suspend the scheduled design, motif, and NFT competition, which we prepared with great enthusiasm, aiming for high involvement and excitement, due to the recent earthquake disaster that occurred in our country.

As a country, we are starting to leave behind the challenging days by coming together. As Şile Municipality, we have been actively involved in relief efforts in the region since the first day of the earthquake disaster. Our soup kitchen, which we established on the second day, still provides hot meals to our neighbors in Hatay/Antakya.

We believe that postponing our design competition under these challenging conditions is the right decision. Postponing the competition will provide you, our valuable participants, with the opportunity to better prepare your projects and showcase your creativity. During this period, our team will review the competition details together and make efforts to offer you an unforgettable competition experience with enriched new content.

Our efforts to determine the new dates for the postponed competition are rapidly underway, and we will announce the new dates to you as soon as possible. You can stay updated by following our website and social media accounts for the latest information during this process.

Thank you for being so understanding.

With Love and Respect.